Creating great Architecture is a journey. A journey of exploration, analysis, empathy, perception and intuition. It is a collaboration that develops an idea, a feeling or emotion, a need or a want, into an understandable and achievable brief.

That is only the beginning of the journey.

From concept to completion, Hume Architects can deliver the services and professionalism to bring realisation to those ideas. We have been doing it for over 25 years, but still turn up every day as though we are just starting out, with open minds, a willingness to learn, an empathy for each new project, and we trust that our experience will be informing all our future work, and that of our clients.


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Hume Architects have completed a number of significant residential projects from individual houses, multi unit developments, retirement and lifestyle villages.

Our design is specific to the site, environment and individual client aspirations. Our ability to listen to both client and site, and to observe the environmental, physical, cultural and aspirational generators of our commissions result in astute and perceptive architecture that reflects a balance between inspirational design and experience delivers the most appropriate individual solution.

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Hume Architects provide masterplanning and urban design solutions that include stakeholder consultation, consenting strategies, and an understanding of the drivers of creating economically and communally sustainable environments that stand the test of time.

Chris has significant experience in Resource Management processes including public hearings and Environment Court proceedings. He has developed cogent management skills in consultation and delivery of high profile developments in sensitive environments.

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Over 25 years experience in all aspects of commercial, industrial, and retail developments from individual tenancies and space planning to the systematic roll out of large format retail developments throughout the country means Hume Architects have an intuitive understanding of commercial imperatives and cost effective, timely delivery over a wide range of projects.

We have developed long term relationships with our clients that continue to deliver buildings and spaces

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School masterplanning, new schools, refurbishment projects and early childhood centres are all part of our repertoire along with Institutional projects ranging from libraries through to local body infrastructure and public service facilities.

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Interiors are a core part of our services and are generated from the environment and architecture creating an integrity of concept and realisation.

An in depth analysis of how physical space is used in relation to the inherent culture and user experience of our client, along with coherent integration of values and brand identity ensure the resulting functional and operational requirements are enhanced in an effective way.

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Collaboration in Architecture is fundamental and unavoidable. All Architecture is the product of creational and rational minds working together as a team, each playing a part to deliver an end product that is cohesive and seamless.

All our projects involve collaboration with other professionals, disciplines and Consultants and as Lead Consultants we are able to assemble the appropriate resources for each individual project. We have experience in managing projects from residential building contracts through to large and technically complex developments requiring specialist expertise and co-ordination.

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